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In the framework of the Work Package 2 – Capacity building of professionals, role-models and stakeholders – core part of the PASSAGE project, Casa do Professor has provided a workshop addressed to primary and secondary school teachers in order to prepare them to duly integrate in their school migrant and refugee pupils, through the creation of a peer-to-peer mentoring model with newly arrived migrant and refugee children.

The workshop was carried out by experts in pedagogical practice (facilitators) who shared their knowledge and experience for the implementation of the project. Seventy teachers had the opportunity to get acquainted with different methodologies to engage actively pupils’ groups in local schools, who can act as role models in the process of welcoming and integrating newly-arrived children from third countries.

During the workshop, teachers were presented with all the benefits of implementing role-models in their classrooms and took part in several activities that they are now implementing in their classrooms, during the piloting phase of this Work Package. A total of sixty Portuguese pupils were encouraged to become role-models in a peer-to-peer mentoring perspective and are actively contributing to the successful integration of sixty newly-arrived pupils coming from third countries (mentees) also involved in this programme.