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The results from the literature review regarding the Cypriot educational school system showed that

  • 16% of the school population in Primary Education and 19% in Secondary Education during the school year 2020 -2021 do not speak Greek as their first language
  • The top four countries of origin are Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria and Syria
  • Recently arrived migrant children from war-torn or economically less-developed countries present challenges
  • Some national initiatives were organized to help students and teachers in the context of school inclusion and non-discrimination. Some of them were directed to third country children in Cyprus while other programs are addressed to students in Cyprus and others to train teachers
  • The report used good practices and recommendation from the European Commission Report to be used in the Cypriot context to help third-country national students adapt to the new environment, other students to accept and help with the integration and finally, teachers to support and be prepared to fulfill all children’s needs.

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