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In June and September 2022, a series of online seminars were organised by Symplexis with the participation of more than 70 teachers from 15 different primary and secondary schools across Greece.

The participants were introduced to the online course of the PASSAGE project, “How to welcome migrant and refugee children in my classroom”, that aims at fostering an inclusive learning and quality educational environment for newly-arrived children of third-country national background. The teachers had the opportunity to learn more about the challenges faced by newly arrived students and the impact that the experiences of refugee children can have on their learning process.

Through case studies, videos and resources, they shared experiences and good practices on how to promote cultural diversity in the classroom, fostering an inclusive learning environment for all students. Along with e-course, the teachers also learned more and discussed in depth the “Mentoring and Role Models” piloting programme of the PASSAGE project and the relevant Workshop Manual developed by the partnership.

The programme aims to enable teachers and students to act as role models in the integration process of migrant and refugee students through the creation of a mentoring model. The participants worked together to design the relevant activities that would take place in their schools, to identify the needs of their students and address the practical aspects of the implementation of programme.