You are currently viewing Policy makers meeting in Cyprus (19 March 2022)

For the purposes of the Passage project, a meeting with 24 primary and secondary school head-teachers took place online regarding integration of students with migrant backgrounds in schools. During this meeting the PASSAGE project, its aims, objectives and progress were presented.

Mrs Maria Pitzioli said that PASSAGE seeks to foster inclusive learning and quality education for newly-arrived students from the early stages of the integration process by adopting a two-fold approach that focuses on:

  1. providing teachers with the much-needed tools and resources that will empower them to deal more effectively with systematic pedagogical challenges, and
  2. designing and promoting a “role-model” programme through which current or former students of local schools can support the successful integration of newly-arrived students.

Mrs Pitzioli informed the head-teachers that in the next few months teachers and pupils from their schools will have the opportunity to be trained on subjects regarding integration and inclusive education.