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For the purposes of the Passage project, CESIE organized a discussion with 14 Policy Makers/Educational Authorities, which took place on 21/04/2022 in Palermo, at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna.

The purpose of the discussion was to inform the policy makers and the educational authorities about the project, highlighting the importance of spreading its best practices in schools starting from the next school year and its results among the decision makers, in a way to influence policies on the topic of social inclusion.

The discussion was structured with a PPT presentation presented by CESIE and centered on the needs of children with migrant background, and on how targeted policies could improve their integration in school and in the society. Many participants stressed the importance of running such projects in different contexts to create a sense of community and belonging, among students with a migrant background.

The participants shared positive feedback on the good practices showed, which seem consistent with the current reality, needs and contexts of schools in the community, creating preconditions for the PASSAGE project to carry on its activities even for the next years. The presentation and the debate ended with a shared sense of satisfaction and willingness in keeping the contact among the different stakeholders involved.