You are currently viewing Mentoring and Role Models Workshops in Schools across Greece

Starting in September 2022, the teachers that took part in the capacity building activities begun the implementation of PASSAGE’s piloting programme “Mentoring and Role Models” in their schools. The piloting programme was introduced through a series of workshops with the participation of students and their teachers that took place in 15 primary and secondary schools across Greece.

Drawing on the project’s Workshop Manual and guided by their teachers, the students performed various activities and played games, had the opportunity to learn more about each other, the myths and prejudices often associated with migrant and refugee population, exchange experiences and have fun!

Over the next few months, the main phase of the piloting programme will take place, with students from local schools assuming the role of “mentors” of their fellow migrant and refugee classmates, guiding them and supporting them towards their integration into school life. The workshops and the piloting activities are organized by the local schools with the support of Symplexis, and the project staff and the teachers from all the participating schools meet online every few weeks to exchange experiences and ideas, talk about the highlights of their activities and share insights about the progress in their schools.