You are currently viewing Mentoring and Role Models Teachers’ training and Workshops in Schools in Cyprus

From October to December the CPI and the CSI team of facilitators visited 20 schools all over Cyprus for the implementation of the Mentoring and Role Models Teachers’ training and Workshops in Schools. The first step was the teachers’ training on the “Mentoring and Role Models” programme.

The training focused on enabling teachers and pupils to act as role models in the integration process of new migrant and refugee pupils, through the creation of a mentoring model, namely in the adaptation to the linguistic context and school environment, in the development of learning, clarification of doubts, preparation for evaluation moments and in other activities related to their integration in the education system.

After the teachers’ training, the next step was the workshops in schools. The trained teachers were selecting the students to act as role models (mentors) and the newly arrived students to act as mentees. The whole process was very creative, as the teachers and students mention in their evaluation forms. The students, guided by their teachers and the facilitator performed various activities from the “Mentoring and Role Models in Supporting the Integration of Migrant and Refugee Pupils” training material prepared by our partners in Casa do Professor. (photo 6 and 7)