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In the last couple of months Ljudska univerza Ptuj organized two separate awareness-raising events for the exploitation of Policy Recommendations of the PASSAGE Project. The first event was organized as an independent event at the premises of Ljudska univerza Ptuj.

At the first event, 26 participants were present, who are employed in the educational sector. The professional background of participants varied, from educational experts to school headmasters, and some school-level policy makers. We presented project PASSAGE in detail and the majority of time was dedicated to discussion about the Policy Recommendation Paper.

The second awareness raising event was organized within the Assembly of Educational Institutions of Slovenia (ZLUS), event that is organized annually. We presented the project and it’s aims and objectives with a comprehensive description of the work packages, results and outputs.

The concluding part of the presentation was again dedicated to the Policy Recommendation Paper, where participants had the opportunity to comment it. An interesting debate ensued during the event, as there were a lot of sectoral/school level policy makers were present and were very much eager to know what the paper is all about. At the event and after we received very positive feedback from the participants. It’s safe to say that PASSAGE project is getting a lot of recognition in the Slovenian educational environment.